More than just consultants, our main focus is to be your partner in the search for competitiveness through organizational review and optimization.

  • If you are an entrepreneur, you know the value of a well-built team. We can be your external Human Resources department, bringing a strategic approach to your business, and able to support you in making choices and managing activities that will drive your company towards its objectives.
  • If you manage a private equity or a growing industrial group and you are working on Mergers & Acquisitions projects, we are ready to assist you in all your organizational needs, from due diligence to gap analysis, all the way up to the implementation plan and Trades Union dealings.

We have competence and experience gained throughout our careers in important and successful companies at international level. Now that wealth of experience can be made available to your company, to support your growth, help you to fix problems, and capture all the opportunities for improvement that your company deserves.

Our main strengths are in the industrial sector, where we can support you at global level and can also leverage complex plans thanks to our wide network.

There are many ways we can help you, and the best way to explore these is to talk to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us ( for further information with no obligation.

In the meantime, please visit our other pages for more details about us, our approach and our values.

Why Choose Us

Our Expertise – Where We Can Help You

Are You Working on It? We Can Help You!

  • Your company wants to find a new organizational model, in order to drive the change that is necessary to reach the new challenging targets you have in mind.
  • Your Private Equity firm wants to find a partner able to manage operational activities (due diligence, gap analysis, reorganization, implementation plan, Trades Unions dealings) related to mergers & acquisitions plans.
  • You are a group of investors and entrepreneurs looking for someone with a global overview of company organizational models, able to support your large scale development plans, deal with multicultural issues and opportunities and unfamiliar situations.
  • Your company is not big enough to afford an internal HR function (or you simply want to retain staff flexibility) but you know that good HR management is fundamental to improving performances. We can manage it for you, building an higly competent “ad hoc” external HR team tailored for your needs.
  • And many more situations where an organizational review is advisable.Just call us and let’s talk about how we can support your plans!