Once more, something big shows us how important is to support ideas and vision with the right structures and approach.

Google (but we should say Alphabet) is going to be the most valuable company in the world, with a good acceleration of growth in the last six months.

What happened in this period in the company?

Just a few months ago, there have been big news at Google. Alphabet Inc was created to open a new phase in the life of the company. The official communication was simple but able to clarify that a long term vision was driving this step.

They say “the whole point is that Alphabet companies should have independence and develop their own brands”: it looks quite similar to the successful Richard Branson’s approach for Virgin, in order to run and develop several types of businesses under similar vision, mission and values (even if in that case the brand is more focussed on the well known name Virgin, followed by different words to identify the product/service).

Organization is much more than just changing / adding brands, names and boxes in some charts, the core is why we do it and how those boxes and names are intended to work together and / or to be independent. When it is consistent with plans and objectives, it is a tremendous booster of those plans.

Innovation is a challenging game and Organization is an important tool to leverage when aiming to deliver innovation at the best. Let’s see where this new Google/Alphabet adventure will manage to bring this concept and, above all, let’s see what each of us can do in his own area of business to implement it!


Gabriele Ghinelli