Lucky people love their work… so it seems I am lucky, as are most of the people I like to work with!

That’s why I have decided to found OrgPortunity, a consultant company where you can meet great professionals who love their work and will put their passion at your disposal, to help you to reach your targets and keep your team involved and committed in doing it.

Most of us come from previous experience in big or, even better, great companies and now, after several years spent with them, learning and working with people from all over the world, we enjoy working on projects, supporting clients to get the best from their teams.

Maybe we like it because every new project is a way to grow, maybe because nothing is as exciting like facing a new challenge with a new team, but for sure you will see how much we like our work through good results, as only motivated (and lucky) people can achieve!

Gabriele Ghinelli – Founder and CEO

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Living with passion what you do is essential for your success and for the success of the projects of the people you are working with. For this reason, “in addition to be lucky”, I’m delightful to help our clients to realize their projects and dreams in which they believe.






Angelo Radice – Partner

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The Network

We think certain projects need a 360 degrees overview to be implemented in the right way.

When a company is in the middle of a challenging transformation, or if it’s going through a merger/acquisition process, or when it has to face a changing market or a new technology, it is probable that many things have to be reviewed. We have the capacity to drive any kind of such complex change situation, and we want to do it the very best way.

That’s why we have also established a network of professionals and consultancy firms specialized in different areas, potentially synergistic, to be involved where needed under our coordination. It gives us a great capability to cover and include all the necessary know how and innovative tools in each project, keeping the same perspective with a clear vision and leadership.

Where we are

Our offices are located in Milano, but we have international partners and a global reach.

In our opinion, distance is not a problem, cultural differences mean opportunity and networking is a pleasure.

Wherever you are, let us join your team!